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We hope you enjoyed your Lanui (holiday). Please take a moment and review this page, which lists some simple items we’d like you to “check off” before you depart. We’d also love to hear about the quality of your stay; your submission allows us to send you a gift, and helps us to continue improving.

Departure Checklist

  • Double check plane departure times
  • Put all dirty dishes in dishwasher, then start it
  • Return extra keys to designated place just inside front door; lock door behind you upon leaving
  • Lock sliding glass door
  • Turn off ceiling fans and air conditioner
  • Make sure all recreational equipment is clean and returned to storage
  • Place bagged garbage in parking lot dumpster
  • Sign guestbook …and have a wonderful trip home

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Virtual Scrapbook

Your comments and pictures will be used in our upcoming online scrapbook. We’ll notify you when your info has been added. This feature will provide a fun way for people to remember their own, and learn about others’ Maui vacation.

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